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Apple adapts Face ID for those wearing masks

Apple has adapted its Face ID software for those wearing face masks.

As a growing number of people wear PPE, the tech giant has quietly changed the tool which allows those using iPhones from the iPhone X and upwards to sign into the phones using facial recognition, by detecting when a user has a mask on.

The new update comes after the company teamed up with rivals Google, to update their iOS and Android mobile operating systems so that Bluetooth can be used running in the background to show if people are practicing social distancing.

It works by registering the space between two mobile phones.

Meanwhile, Professor Christophe Fraser, who is one of the epidemiologists advising NHSX, explained that there are specific advantages to using the model the UK has chosen.

According to the expert, a centralized system ought to provide more insights into the spread of the virus.

He told the BBC recently: "One of the advantages is that it's easier to audit the system and adapt it more quickly as scientific evidence accumulates.

"The principal aim is to give notifications to people who are most at risk of having got infected, and not to people who are much lower risk. It's probably easier to do that with a centralized system."

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