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Uber lays off 3,700 staff due to pandemic

Uber has laid off 3,700 full time employees due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ride sharing app has cut around 14% of its workforce in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, with the job losses coming from the company's customer support and recruiting teams.

In a statement, an Uber spokesman told CNET: "With people taking fewer trips, the unfortunate reality is that there isn't enough work for many of our front-line customer support employees.

"Since we don't know how long a recovery will take, we are taking steps to bring our costs in line with the size of our business today.

"This was a tough decision, but it is the right one to help protect the company's long-term health and ensure we come out of this crisis stronger."

Uber said the cuts are part of a plan to reduce operating expenses as a result of the "econimic challenges and uncertainty" amid the ongoing health crisis.

Meanwhile, the firm's CEO Dara Khoswrowshahi has agreed to waive his base salary for the rest of the year.

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