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Travellers will take over 650 million road trips this summer

Travellers will take over 650 million road trips this summer.

A study by AAA - The Auto Club Group has found that whilst travel rates have fallen 14.6 per cent in the next three months when compared to last year, 683 million road trips will still be taken.

However, most of this summer's travelling will be done in cars with 97 per cent of all trips this summer taken this way, with the figures 74 per cent down on the previous year.

Mark Jenkins, AAA - The Auto Club Group spokesman, said: "AAA booking trends show Americans are still making travel plans, though more cautiously and spur of the moment; often seeking long weekend getaways instead of extended vacations. When they do venture out, the greatest share of travellers will pack up the car for 683 million road trips. Beyond mapping your route in advance, it is important to book hotels and plan out gas and food stops. Also, keep in mind that some national parks and attractions have capacity limits, so if there is a must-do activity on your trip, you'll want to make arrangements for these in advance."

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