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Switzerland is the fittest country in the world

Switzerland is the fittest country in the world.

The country has been deemed the "ultimate fitness capital" of the world, scoring 7.44 out of 10 points, with Portugal, France and Ireland taking the next places.

Data was analysed on the number of track and trail events, the number of marathons, the average marathon time in every country, the number of gyms per 10km squared in each country's most populated city and the number of Olympic medals gained in athletic and endurance events to decide who came out on top.

A spokesperson for Reebok said in a statement: "Keeping fit is something to be enjoyed by everyone across the globe, with it having significant benefits on both our bodies and minds. Running is one of the easiest forms of exercise, as it only requires a pair of trainers and the outdoors. Many of these countries offer stunning scenery, perfect to be enjoyed on a jog outside ... It's great to see the top destinations for fitness and running spread out across the world from Australia to the USA. With the UK ranking 11th it would be fantastic to see this position increase over the coming years and to reach the top 10 fitness capitals in the world."

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