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Travellers want to see family and friends

Travellers want to get out of their home countries to visit friends and family.

A new study shows that 41.5 per cent of people were keen to head on holiday, despite the current coronavirus pandemic, to be reunited with their loved ones, whilst 31.8 per cent wanted to get away for their own hobby and adventures. Over one fifth (21.8 per cent) wanted to go away for work or study purposes, a study of over 1000 US travellers has revealed.

With the current health crisis, virtual travel has become even more popular, but people won't be stopping physically travelling for that any time soon. Nearly one fifth (18.1 per cent) of people, though, preferred virtual travel because it suited their budget more but a whopping 76.7 per cent of people insisted they would rather head abroad themselves because virtual travel would never live up to their expectations. 11.2 per cent of respondents said they would prefer virtual travel because it's more convenient.

And thankfully for the travel sector, over half (58.6 per cent) of people said they have booked tickets for the upcoming months of 2020, whilst 41.4 per cent admitted they hadn't booked any more tickets abroad for this year.

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