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Asian travellers are most confident following coronavirus pandemic

Asian travellers are the most confident following the coronavirus pandemic.

A study by Blackbox Research has found that holidaymakers from Asia regions are much more positive about restarting their holidays and heading abroad.

The survey of residents of 17 countries revealed a travel confidence score for each country, which was put together when considering how comfortable people were to travel internationally as well as how prepared they feel their country is when reopening its tourism sector.

India and Thailand scored highest with 76 points, with China (69), Indonesia (65), and Singapore (64) all ranking higher than the average across the world of 61. France, Germany, and Denmark also found themselves above the average.

Saurabh Sardana, Blackbox Research Chief Operating Officer, said: "The scores revealed that a number of countries have had their confidence towards travelling severely battered, which can be attributed to the negative reporting on COVID-19 cases. For them, sustained control in COVID-19 numbers domestically and globally is needed before they begin revisiting international travel as a lifestyle priority. Meanwhile, with a significant part of Asia having experienced similar epidemics, it is not surprising that Asian travellers would be more resilient and optimistic about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

"Despite countries like India and Indonesia recently seeing a higher number of cases, their reputations as tourism powerhouses means it will be hard for them to neglect the travel industry in the long-term. When it comes to navigating travel in the new normal, we foresee people living in Asia will have the highest pent-up demand for travel, but tourism boards and the travel sector need to re-evaluate and reimagine their whole approach towards future travel experiences in order to be sustainable in the future."

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