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Singapore is one of the top destinations

Singapore is one of the top destinations post coronavirus.

A study by Blackbox Research has revealed that residents of India, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines are most keen to travel to the Asian country when the pandemic is over.

And nearly four fifths of Indians can't wait to travel, planning a trip in the next month, followed swiftly behind Thais (70 per cent), Indonesians (60 per cent), Hong Kong residents (47 per cent), and Filipinos (46 per cent).

Saurabh Sardana, COO of Blackbox Research said: "People across Asia have the most pent-up demand to travel, and Singapore is well-placed to tap into that opportunity given its strategic location as the region's travel hub. As Asia's business hub as well, Singapore's immediate focus on appealing to business travellers by working to establish green lane arrangements with a number of countries will help kickstart the industry. However, with concerns on health and safety as well as the increasing prevalence of digital tools replacing in-person business meetings, our study found that a significant percentage of people globally are deterred from business travel. With the number of cases in control now, Singapore is well-placed to cut through the fear and noise around pandemic travel, and drive home the safety narrative for its local tourism assets. This includes assurances on health checks during key stages of their itinerary, as well as ensuring that the required safety standards and precautions are in place."

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