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People would give up sex to go travelling

Nearly one fifth of people would give up sex to go travelling again.

New data discovered as part of The Vacationer's Summer 2021 & Revenge Travel Survey has revealed that 18.10 per cent of people would happily give up getting intimate with someone for the next 12 months if it meant they were able to get away amid the coronavirus pandemic.

And 22.01 per cent of people would also give up seeing their best friend if it means they could head away, whilst 24.25 per cent would be happy to give up their favourite food for a year.

Even 16.79 per cent of people would consider a night in prison if they could book travel abroad, which has mostly been halted for the last year owing to the COVID-19 crisis.

A report released as part of the study reads: "61.75 per cent of Americans or more than 157 million people would agree to either spend a night in prison, not see their best friend for a year, not eat their favourite food for a year, not exercise for a year or not have sex for a year to travel normally and safely again with no restrictions. Many people would agree to do more than one of these. It is evident people are craving to travel. They are even willing to do abnormal tasks to go back to normal."

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