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Some vaccine-hesistant people would lie about status to travel

A fifth of "vaccine-hesitant" people would lie about their vaccination status in a bid to get out and travel.

A new study by Travel Health Insurance Association has revealed that 20 per cent of those surveyed, who weren't sure about getting a jab, would gladly tell a lie about if they had been vaccinated or not so they could go away.

However, around one third of those who hadn't yet had a vaccine, said they would be happy to get one if it meant they could travel internationally again following the coronavirus pandemic, which has halted most travel.

Canada's Prime Minister is keen to use vaccine passports to open up international travel for its residents and tourists.

Justin Trudeau said recently: "We are looking very carefully at it, hoping to align with allied countries ... Our responsibility is to do everything necessary to protect Canadians, and we are going to do that, even if there isn't automatically symmetry with other countries."

Earlier this month, Trudeau confirmed the focus for travel would be on those who had received two doses.

He said: "We'll have more announcements to make on measures that may be eased for those who've had both doses in the weeks to come. We need people to get the full two doses of their vaccines and that's why easing of restrictions will be focused on Canadians who are fully vaccinated."

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