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Travel confidence is back

Travel confidence is back for Americans - especially those with higher incomes.

A new study by Accenture and Tripadvisor has revealed that nearly two thirds (61 per cent) of people are keen to head abroad by the end of the year, and for those who are earning more, there is much more of a readiness to get away, with over a third (34 per cent) of those earning over $100,000 having already booked a holiday for the end of the year compared to 19 per cent of others.

A report to accompany the study reads: "We found that travel confidence is back - and in a big way. Americans are pushing out of their comfort zone and expanding their travel radius to go further, spend more and most importantly, relax. Of respondents who did not take a trip at all in 2020, 61 per cent said they were comfortable doing so in 2021. Of course, not everyone’s making plans at the same pace, respondents of our survey earning a yearly income of $100,000+ are leading the way with 34 per cent having already booked a trip for 2021, compared to 19 percent of the remaining population."

And there is a keenness to travel by air, with over half (54 per cent) of those earning over $50,000 looking forward to heading abroad by plane in the next few months or so.

The report from Accenture and Tripadvisor adds: "There are clear signs that people are keen to get back on the road - and up in the sky. A quarter (25 per cent) of individuals earning a yearly income of over $100,000 are considering international air travel, and double that - just over half (54 per cent) of the respondents earning a yearly income of more than $50,000 - are considering domestic air travel for their next trip. These positive indicators of US travellers’ intent and confidence to travel are only part of the story. Interesting trends are emerging regarding where travellers plan to go."

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