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Mexico tourism booming and set to return to pre-pandemic levels

Tourism in Mexico has been booming and it’s expected to return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of this year.

The country has long attracted tourists to the area as visitors flock in numbers for the beautiful landscapes, architecture and ancient ruins.

Mexico receives on average 40 million international visitors, with tourism representing almost nine per cent of Mexico’s GDP.

According to Miguel Torruco, who spoke at the tourism promotion fair in Acapulco, tourism will have recovered to almost 100 per cent with predicted revenue reaching $24.25 billion.

Torruco believed the government’s actions of rolling out COVID-19 vaccines and lockdown protocols are the reason tourism in Mexico was able to bounce back sooner.

He said: "These actions allowed the recovery of the sector to take place in a faster way, as shown by this year's expectations... and speak to increasingly solid tourism activity."

As of now, a large portion of the country’s 32 states have lifted their mandates regarding the compulsory use of face masks in public.

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