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What you need to know about smoking cannabis in Thailand

What you need to know about smoking cannabis in Thailand

Tourists visiting Thailand are expected to follow a "set of simple rules" if they plan to consume cannabis during their visit.

The Southeast Asian country legalised use of the Class B drug in June 2022 and now Kitty Chopaka, an independent cannabis advocate based in Bangkok, has explained that visitors tend not to have the "correct information" since the legislation.

She said: "It has become a wild west since legalisation, no one really [knows] whether we have the correct information."

Staff at an information hub in Bangkok said: "As long as tourists follow a set of a few simple rules. there’s nothing to fear. People who live here and use [cannabis] appropriately and responsibly would hope that our guests and visitors will respect Thailand and the people around them and do things responsibly."

A report by The Guardian newspaper has explained that only those over the age of 20 and who are not pregnant or breastfeeding can legally indulge and smoking "it can be done inside an individual’s residence", while it can be otherwise consumed at a licensed restaurant.

The outlet adds: "Smoking marijuana in public places such as schools, temples and shopping malls can lead to a 25,000 baht ($750) fine and a three-month prison sentence."

According to Chopoaka, there are more than 2,600 places to purchase it in the country but she has urged those who wish to do so to "try to buy things from reputable, licensed places" and reminded tourists that "possession of extracts with a THC level higher than 0.2% requires permission" that they are "unlikely" to be granted.

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