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Lanzarote President praises German tourists

Lanzarote President praises German tourists

Lanzarote's President has praised the behaviour of German tourists.

The island are looking to reduce a dependency on British holidaymakers and Maria Dolores Corujo has welcomed their European neighbours because they conform to her vision for a shift towards "higher-quality tourism".

She said: “It’s essential to work on the diversification of the sector and the growth of markets like the German market, which adapt to our intentions of aiming at higher-quality tourism and holidaymakers who spend more when they’re here and moves us away from mass tourism.”

The remarks echo the present's previous comments on how she is planning “diversification to reduce the dependence on the British market", explaining the stance would mean seeking to welcome fewer visitors but those that did come would offer "greater spending in the destination".

While at present around half of all Lanzarote's tourists are British, the president wants to target more German, French, Italian and Dutch visitors, as well as citizens of the Spanish mainland.

However, Francisco Martinez, vice-president of Lanzarote’s Island Association of Hotels and Apartments, has accused politicians of being "badly advised" and opening an unnecessary debate.

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