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Social media has changed the travel industry

Social media has changed the travel industry.

Travel agents have reported a change in the way they do business now as a result of the changing patterns of social media, with 90 per cent of those surveyed admitting social media is important when it comes to marketing.

They wrote in their report: "The results are in and they tell us a large majority of travel advisors are winning at the game of social media. Nearly 90 percent of those surveyed by Travel Market Report say social media is very or somewhat important to their marketing plans, with over 40 percent reporting they have a formal plan currently in place. Money is being made, and best of all, lasting personal connections have been formed and are being fostered through multiple social media channels, leading to future sales. Fundamentally, this engagement is providing the agency community with a viable path to clients that will remain integral to their overall business plan for years to come - or at least until the next best thing comes along. So, where do you stand in the social media space? Are you inspiring your clients through social media? Have you developed an online personal connection with them that keeps them looking for your latest travel posts and ideas for their next journey?"

And the efforts are paying off, with many seeing an increase in sales because of their use of social media.

They added: "Travel Market Report spoke with a number of retail travel agents who have met the social media challenge head on, and thrived. In fact, 11 percent of survey respondents reported generating over $100,000 in business during the past 12 months thanks to their social media efforts and 29 percent said they realised sales of at least $25,000. Clearly, these agents know how to tip the scales in their favour. Following is a success story of one standout social media travel advisor who is worth learning from, that is, if you are looking to up your game ... and we hope you are."

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