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Travel experts share holiday tips

Too many travel checklists can cause friction amongst holidaymakers.

Laura Vanderkam, time management expert and author of 'Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done', says that whilst checklists to help you stay organised whilst planning your trip or packing your suitcase can be helpful, having similar lists for things to do each day when you're away doesn't always work.

Vanderkam said: "Checklists definitely help for the major components: flights, hotels, car rental, tickets or reservations. As for organisational techniques, I'd say that different people have different comfort levels with plans and schedules ... People who like plans and schedules will probably be fine if they know they've got one cool thing planned for the day - the rest of the day can go as it will. People who like to be spontaneous can take comfort that there's only one thing on the schedule."

And employees are being encouraged to take more time off from work to go on holiday, as it is revealed most people don't use their full quota of holidays.

Penny Zenker, a business strategy and life coach, shared: "Vacation is essential to our well being. In order to be creative, think strategically and create balance in our lives we need to disconnect from our day to day activities."

Whilst Holly Weeks, a communication consultant and professor at the Harvard Kennedy School, added: "The employer agreed to the terms of vacation, which is usually its duration, not its timing, at hiring. Timing is generally not part of the agreement and is left to the preference and discretion of the employee, with accommodation of the employer as a courtesy ... I would not apologise for my decision. I would honour it as important and valuable, the same way I would honour a business decision I made after thoughtful consideration."

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