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British holidaymakers take food abroad

Over half of British holidaymakers take their favourite foods with them abroad.

A study by travel agency Oliver's Travels has revealed that 37 per cent of holidaymakers from the North West take their favourite tea on holiday with them whilst 16 per cent take their biscuits of choice and 7 per cent even bring baked beans.

And two fifths of people pack these because they aren't sure if they can get them abroad whilst 48 per cent of people say tea just doesn't taste the same when they're on holiday.

Oliver Bell from Oliver's Travels said: "The UK has long been a nation of explorers who love the idea of visiting far-flung lands and being introduced to diverse cultures. But having that explorer's nature doesn't mean we don't long for home occasionally. Sometimes that can mean being close to loved ones or in familiar surroundings and other times, as this research points out, it's as simple as having our favourite tea, baked beans or toilet roll!"

Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James added: "Travel is as much ingrained in the British psyche as tea is, but the extent to which the two seem to go together is surprising. Many Britons appear to want to take a piece of home with them on holiday as a creature comfort and the Great British institution that is our beloved cup of tea has made it to the top of the list."

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