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Travelling could make kids smarter

Travelling could make children smarter.

Research by the Student and Youth Travel Digest has revealed that over half (56 per cent) of teachers think that travel has a positive impact on a student's education and career whilst over three quarters (76 per cent) of teachers say travel has a positive impact on personal development.

They wrote in the introduction to their report: "For young people, travel is an education in itself. It helps them build self-esteem, independence, tolerance and cultural understanding, while breaking down barriers to a child's personal, educational and social development. Patterns and habits embraced when traveling at an early age are known to influence future decisions. The benefits of travel go beyond education. Increasingly, governments and businesses are recognising the positive effects of youth travel as a powerful life experience that promotes economic development, job fulfilment and cultural understanding. A great deal of the knowledge around the impact of travel, however, has been anecdotal - until now."

And teachers feels travel can "bring the lessons of the classroom to life".

They added: "In the current globalised world, travel also represents a vital learning experience for students, and not simply a luxury. It brings the lessons of the classroom to life, providing relevance to today's society where learning is experiential and academic. 69 per cent of teachers organise travel because they appreciate the out of class experience it presents for their students. The vast majority of teachers confirm that travel directly influences the understanding of curricula (53 per cent), and positively impacts students' performance at school (54 per cent)."

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