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40-something Brits have seven countries on travel bucket list

The average middle-aged Brit has seven countries on their travel bucket list.

A poll of 2,000 adults over the age of 40 has found that they still have the hunger to travel and would like to see at least seven more countries, with the likes of New Zealand, Canada and Australia topping the list.

Aimee White, editor at Rough Guides, who commissioned the research, said: "The world is more accessible than ever before, and as a result holidays are something many people can enjoy. Many of us have a wish list of places we want to visit and some even have multiple holidays planned - at least in their heads even if they don't yet have the funds to book it. The great thing about travel is you can get out of it exactly what you like. If you want a wild adventure, then go ahead - if you'd rather chill out on holiday, that's fine too. But often our tastes change as we get older, and it's great to see an appetite for adventure isn't limited to anyone under the age of 25."

And three in ten of those over 40 think they are more "adventurous" now they are older and 38 per cent of people also prefer a chance to go "off the beaten track" when they head abroad.

Aimee added: "Travel is no longer the sole preserve of the young or the rich. Years ago it was the case that only the rich went on holidays, but with travel being cheaper and modern technology making it easier to research trips, travel is open to more people than ever before, and our research shows that more people are taking advantage of it. But as a society, we need to get away from this assumption that only young people want to travel and have adventures while stereotyping older travellers as wanting a particular type of holiday. It is important that the travel industry gives older travellers the same opportunities to have adventurous travel experiences as younger people if they want to and not dismiss them as being too old or boring."

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