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Generation Z travellers get travel inspiration online

Nearly half of all Generation Z travellers get travel inspiration online.

It has been revealed that those born between the mid-1990s and the early-2000s are most likely, at 48 per cent, to look to social media for dream destinations.

However, they are also the age group generation that feels the most "pressure" to "post the perfect photo" whilst on holiday, with 29 per cent admitting to feeling this way.

Elsewhere, the study by Priceline found that this generation was the most likely of all generations to describe themselves as "thrill seekers", with 19 per cent revealing they like to travel to experience "new, extreme" thrill. However, as much as they like the thrill, they also like to relax, with 36 per cent describing themselves as this.

Generation Z travellers are also the most spontaneous, with 48 per cent waiting until the month of their departure to book their holiday, with a whopping one in five (19 per cent) actually waiting until one to three weeks before they go. Only about one in ten respondents (12 per cent) actually plan their vacations around six to 12 months in advance.

Ben Harrell, Chief Marketing Officer of Priceline, said: "The youngest travellers in particular want to spend their money on the experience of a vacation, rather than on a flight or hotel, which is Priceline's purpose. We'll get them to a destination for less, which ought to make it easier to capture that perfect Instagram photo."

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