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Travellers' weather worries

Nearly half of travellers worry that the weather this winter will dampen their plans to go away.

A study by Wallet Hub has found that a whopping 44 per cent of people admit their leading concern ahead of their winter getaway is bad weather, whilst 38 per cent are worried about the cost.

In fact, 33 million people plan to skip travelling this winter because they can't afford it, whilst 24 million aren't going because they don't feel like it. 20 million people have avoided winter travelling because they want to save.

Despite this, two in three people are planning to travel this winter, which is a four per cent increase on last year. These people also want to keep spending, with 49 per cent of people saying they'd spend the same as they did last year and 30 per cent wanting to spend more. Over a fifth of respondents (21 per cent) admitted they'd rather spend less.

When it came to saving money, it was those with higher incomes that chose to stay behind, with 61 per cent more people with high incomes saying they won't travel to save money compared to those with low incomes.

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