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Over two fifths of young people get tattooed abroad

Over two fifths of young people get tattooed abroad.

A study by Hostelworld has found that "tattourism" is the new fad, with 40 per cent of travellers between 18 and 35 getting inked on holiday.

And 19 per cent of people get the tattoo as a permanent souvenir of their experience abroad whilst 15 per cent get one to tell a story when they get home. 13 per cent like getting a tattoo outside of their home country.

However, only one in three travellers said getting inked was spontaneous, whilst nearly 60 per cent research the design or the artist (50 per cent) before getting the permanent inking.

Cathy Thomson, Global Head of Customer Experience at Hostelworld, said: "For many, globetrotting is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that creates lasting memories. But many people have moved on from fridge magnets and key rings as travel souvenirs.

"In an always-on society where you can easily share live updates on the go, it's no surprise the next generation are seeking more permanent mementos that they can wear on their skin as a badge of honour. Young travellers have a true desire for exploration and adventure. Their personal tattoo can unlock their stories of unique experiences."

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