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Millennials value digital detoxes on holiday

Millennials value digital detoxes whilst on holiday - but find it hard to switch off over fears they will miss out.

Those aged between 21 to 35 admitted they overused their smartphones in their everyday lives and whilst they valued turning off their smartphones for their travel to improve their "digital health", they worried they would miss key events.

Multiple tourism outlets also use digital services now, which also makes it hard for millennials to go digital-free on holiday.

Dr Wenjie Cai, from the University of Greenwich Business School, said: "Switching off digitally and being 'mentally' away while on holiday is as important as being physically away."

Whilst Dr Brad McKenna, from UEA's Norwich Business School, added: "Tourism and hospitality providers should notice the growing demands of digital-free travel and cater for this need by diversifying their operations design and planning."

Meanwhile, a previous study previously revealed nearly half of all Generation Z travellers get travel inspiration online.

It has been revealed that those born between the mid-1990s and the early-2000s are most likely, at 48 per cent, to look to social media for dream destinations.

Ben Harrell, Chief Marketing Officer of Priceline, said: "The youngest travellers in particular want to spend their money on the experience of a vacation, rather than on a flight or hotel, which is Priceline's purpose. We'll get them to a destination for less, which ought to make it easier to capture that perfect Instagram photo."

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