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AI reduces stress at airports

Airports are using artificial intelligence to make holidays less stressful.

It has been revealed that some airports are using AI to let their customers know in real-time how long they need to wait at the checkpoints for security.

Anuraag Jain, founder of Zensors, said: "We know that the airport security screening process is very stressful for passengers and a significant operational challenge for airports and air carriers. By using Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time data, airports can improve the passenger experience and optimise operations. Having enough time for a beer or coffee once airside is a huge relief for weary holiday passengers." Jain added: "AI is rapidly penetrating airports to support a more efficient and seamless journey. Not limited to reporting wait times, AI will power a more personalised travel experience to each customer from the curb to the gate."

Barbara Zylinski, President of SecureInsights, LLC, added: "Airports are considering AI for a wide variety of use cases and applications. Highly sophisticated AI capabilities like Zensors' can be very easily and quickly deployed to address both airside and landside challenges. Leveraging existing airport infrastructure, like cameras, Zensors is able to collect, process and deliver actionable information to improve airport operations, from managing congestion at passenger drop-off and pick up to providing highly accurate and real-time aircraft movements data airside."

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