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Over two thirds of people who go on single holidays are women

Over two thirds of people who go on single holidays are women.

An analysis of more than 50,000 singles trips in 2019 has revealed that a whopping 68 per cent of those who go on single vacations are females, which has risen from 63 per cent being women and 37 per cent men in 2017.

Single holidays are most popular with the over 50 market, with 78 per cent of those taking these types of holidays over that age.

Cathy Winston, editor of 101 Singles Holidays, says: "The figures reflect a growing trend in society. More people are living alone and choosing to travel alone, even when they are in committed relationships. But all the growth is being powered by women. Increasingly, women have the spending power and feel empowered to travel by themselves. This is particularly true of women aged 50 and above who may be single, widowed or divorced. They don't need a [partner] to accompany them on holiday - they will do it anyway, whether that's learning to scuba dive in Thailand or joining an Arctic cruise to experience the Midnight Sun. Today's singles holidays are not for lonely hearts seeking love or hook-ups. They are aimed at solo travellers looking for the thrill of discovery and adventure, whether that's alone or with a group of likeminded people."

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