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Business travellers suffer with 'permanxiety'

Business travellers suffer with "permanxiety".

It has been revealed that those who head abroad for work struggle with "permanent anxiety" due to "curveballs" because of admin issues - such as plans changing whilst abroad - and airport anxiety, which includes flight delays, a fear of flying and jet lag.

Oz Desai, GM Corporate Traveller, said: "While making the initial flight, accommodation and transport bookings might be quick and easy, it actually takes a considerable amount of time to cancel and rebook flights and adjust one's entire itinerary (including shuttles and accommodation) when plans change. Unfortunately, curveballs are a reality with business travel - and more and more travellers would like a 'human' on the other end of the phone to unravel bookings and mitigate the knock-on effect of a rescheduled meeting, delayed flight or unexpected event ... In 2020 TMCs are going to have to offer their clients so much more than convenience and competitive rates. We'll have to meet all our client's needs, including comprehensive travel insurance, sound advice and 24-hour live support."

Other "permanxieties" people experience include a fear of the unknown, after touching down in a foreign country, as well as still feeling the pressure from work, with one in three business travellers admitting they felt more stressed after a trip than before.

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