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Australians would pay more for sustainable holidays

Australians would be willing to pay five per cent more for their holidays if they were more sustainable.

The Visa's Global Travel Intentions Study shows that the average holidaymaker would be happy to spend an extra 4.25 per cent on their getaway if they would be helping the planet.

And people are willing to change their habits to do their bit to save the world, with nearly a third (31 per cent of people) revealing they made the choice to do so because they have seen nature and wildlife with their own eyes and want to help conserve it. A similar amount (30 per cent) were worried about the impact of climate change whilst over a fifth of people (21 per cent) have been influenced by activists including Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough.

Nearly two thirds of people (64 per cent) felt that there wasn't enough education about how people can reduce the impact their holiday has on the environment, whilst 39 per cent said a lack of information stopped them from being more eco-friendly with their choices.

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