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Flexible travellers are taking opportunities with the recent outbreak of coronavirus

Flexible travellers are taking opportunities with the recent outbreak.

Travel company Travelzoo have found that those who can be most flexible with their arrangements are benefitting from the lack of travelling by others as the panic surrounding coronavirus spreads.

The study revealed that nearly half (44 per cent) of people said the coronavirus was not affecting their willingness to travel internationally, whilst just 36 per cent said it was. Of those 36 per cent, 59 per cent were keen to look for another alternative, which includes a different destination, postponing their holiday or cancelling it completely. Around 25 per cent are not quite sure what action to take next.

Domestically, within the United States, there has been less of an effect, with nearly two third (63 per cent) insisting that their interest in domestic travel has not changed, whilst only one fifth (20 per cent) saying they have made alternate plans. Uncertainty is higher though, as 68 per cent don't know what to do next regarding their travelling.

Travelzoo's senior editor, Gabe Sagli, said: "While travellers have to be prudent during this time, many of our 16.8 million U.S. members are still eager to travel, and they're turning to our deal experts for recommendations. We're finding offers from our travel partners that are so compelling, it's almost more expensive to stay home."

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