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Visit Angkor Wat using virtual reality

Ever dreamed of visiting Angkor Wat?

With the coronavirus pandemic currently in full force, it may be difficult to get there in person but a 360 virtual reality view of the impressive Buddhist temple and surrounding areas lets your wanderlust run wild.

Through the clever footage, which can be viewed through a normal computer or by using virtual reality headsets, viewers can wonder around the largest religious monument in the world, seeing sights including its main houses, a typical Khmer village, and the nearby rice fields. Viewers are also able to be teleported to its canals, where you can view the surroundings as if you're in a boat.

Explaining how the videos work, an excerpt from their website reads: "The underlying visual architecture of the Virtual Angkor project allows us to create 360 degree panoramas that enable you to look around the city as if you were standing in a particular spot at a particular time. Although they are best experienced with a Virtual Reality headset such as a Google Daydream, the videos displayed here can be moved around with a mouse or cursor, giving you some sense of how the city looked and a limited capacity to interact with the wider landscape."

Angkor Wat is in Cambodia, just three miles north of Siem Reap.

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