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Visit ancient Egyptian tomb

A five thousand year old Egyptian tomb can now be toured from the comfort of your living room.

The Egyptian Tourist Board have created a clever virtual tour of the Queen Meresankh III tomb.

With the help of 3D modelling by Harvard University, you can enter the tomb before navigating your way around with the click of the mouse.

Various information points are located on the map. Those keen to find out more information are able to select these, where history experts explain the different elements of the tomb, as well as show people what the tombs may have look liked at the time they were first created.

Iman Ziad, Deputy Minister for Tourism and Antiquities, said: "Our message to people is to stay home, stay safe, and enjoy the beautiful sites that make us all proud. We're pushing for virtual tours to send a message to the entire world about our history."

Queen Meresankh III was born to Hetepheres II and Prince Kawab, and when she passed away, she was given this tomb by her mother, which has led some historians to predict Meresankh died early. Meresankh was gifted a black granite sarcophagus from her mother on her passing, with the tomb being discovered in April 1927 by archeologist George Reisner.

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