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GMX Email App for Android Device

GMX Android Email App

The Android mail app from GMX

Retain everything you've come to expect from your GMX mail service with our smart and intuitive Android email app. Compatible with all Android devices and 100% free, download the GMX app today and start sending and receiving emails from your Android smartphone and other devices.

Features of the GMX Android mail app

The GMX email app for Android is packed with great features to ensure that your mobile experience is smooth, convenient, and easy.

  • Suitable for all Android devices
  • Advanced encryption security technology (TLS, SSL)
  • Handy features like full screen mode, pinch to zoom, and more
  • Attach multiple photos in mails
  • Customizable 'Quiet Time' mode silences notifications to add concentration when you need it
  • Fingerprint lock function (Android 6 only)

Customer experience is essential to everything we do at GMX, which is why our developers designed the GMX email app with our customers' needs at the forefront. Each detail and feature is specifically implemented to enhance your email experience on your Android device. From the moment you download the mail app for Android, you'll have swift access to your GMX email account.

With the Android mail app, you'll be able to receive and reply to emails while you travel to and from work; browse and manage the entire library of contacts whenever you need to; book important appointments and reply to urgent requests while out for lunch; send a shared email to multiple recipients during your commute or while you're out performing errands, or simply if your phone happens to be on when your laptop isn't. Experience unparalleled freedom and ease of use with the GMX Android email app today!

Make the most of the Android GMX app

Our GMX mail app is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current GMX email account and ensure perfect harmony between your digital inbox and the built-in functions of your smartphone. This ensures a fast, intuitive and simple system for accessing your mail.

  • Customize how you receive and send emails in the 'accounts setting' tab.
  • Selecting the ‘push email’ function enables your smartphone to fetch your GMX mails automatically, improving your battery life.
  • The Android mail app will notify of any incoming mails—you're able to turn this feature off if it suits you; in addition you can customize the ring tone and/or vibration of an email notification.
  • You're also able to change your signature, as well as import your email contacts to your phone—all with just one tap of your finger.

Our email app for Android devices makes navigating through your various email accounts a breeze!

  • On the inbox overview screen, small floating icons allow you to access frequently used functions in an instant.
  • Organize multiple accounts with our GMX Mail Collector.
  • The pen icon will open a new, blank email, while clicking on the magnifying glass icon will enable you to search your inbox and other folders.
  • Under the 'general settings' tab you'll find tools to further personalize the Android mail app according to your specifications.
  • Send large files up to 50MB without the need for compression.
  • Take screenshots using the 'enable screenshots' function which will allow you to visually record important information.

We also understand how important security and peace of mind are. Our GMX accounts allow for PIN creation that will restrict who can access the Android email app on your mobile device. We also offer spam filters to prevent junk mail from entering your inbox, as well as powerful antivirus tools to ensure your emails are clear of threats. In addition to this, we realize that some people may want quieter times when they need to concentrate, free from distractions and notifications. That’s why we’ve added our Quiet Time feature which disables ringtones, vibrations as well as LED notifications during a period set and controlled by you, the user. Discover the entire range of features by downloading the GMX Android email app from the Google Play store today!

Getting started with our free Android email app

Downloading and installing the GMX Android email app is a straightforward and simple process. Simply bring up the Google Play store page and download the email app for Android onto your phone. The best part? It's 100% free without any hidden charges. After you have the app installed on your Android device, enter your GMX mail details and the app will sync your accounts, after which you're ready to send and receive emails. If you are an iPad or iPhone user, simple download our Apple app from the Apple iTunes Store and follow the same procedure. It's that easy!

GMX—Dedicated to our customers

At GMX we understand how important our customers' needs and requirements are. So, we’ve taken steps to develop our products and services based on our customers' feedback and suggestions, to continually deliver an email experience to satisfy everyone.

Every message and all feedback is taken into account, and we value each comment regarding the Android mail app. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us using our online contact form. Alternatively, get hold of us using the GMX app with the template ‘feedback’ form set up for you in the ‘settings’ tab of the GMX app on your Android device. Simply fill in the details of your feedback, and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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