Online calendar:
GMX Organizer

Scheduling made easy

  • Stay on top of all your appointments

  • Flexible customization options
  • Share your calendars with family, friends, and co-workers
GMX Organizer

Manage appointments easily

We all want to maximize our time, meaning many of us pack our schedules full with activities. But who wants to carry a bulky planner around with them? Exactly: nobody! Make planning your schedule easy and use GMX’s free online calendar.

With the GMX Organizer you can take advantage of extensive basic functions:

  • Plan appointments and invite friends via email
  • Create appointment reminders
  • Share your calendar
  • Choose various topic calendars (e.g. public holidays)
  • Customize your calendar’s individual color settings

Super fast and free to use!

Planning has never been more fun

Smart planning

Individual appointment reminders, 'Smart Service' and much more: The GMX Organizer is more than an online calendar planner: it’s a clever scheduling companion.

Easy & user-friendly

The GMX Organizer features a clear layout and is easy to use, making it extremely convenient!

Flexible planning

Thanks to synchronization, your appointments are always up-to-date, even while on the road.


See what the GMX Organizer can do…

All GMX Organizer features at a glance

Intelligent appointment management

Smart appointment management

  • Create new appointments and events and invite friends and family via email
  • Create and manage group calendars
  • Automatic integration of birthdays from your GMX Contacts
  • Check appointment status: approvals and cancellations are visible for each appointment
  • Faster planning thanks to 'Smart Service'
  • Stay on top of things with a daily email containing an overview of your appointments and the automatic reminder function
User-friendly operation


  • Directly accessible in the GMX upper navigation bar
  • Move your appointments comfortably via ‘Drag & Drop’
  • Adjustable calendar views (day/week/month/year)
  • All appointments at a glance with the list view
  • Current day highlighted in color
  • Easy to read, intuitive menu navigation
  • Print all or parts of your calendar or export it as a PDF, e.g. all birthdays
  • Useful search functions for finding specific appointments
Flexible Online Organizer

Flexible to use

  • Synchronize with online calendar apps from iOS, iPadOS or Android
  • Synchronize with the calendars of friends, family, and co-workers
  • Import other calendars
  • Supports iCalendar format
  • Export to other online calendars
  • Adjust for different time zones
  • Choose the name and color of each calendar
  • Define the duration of an appointment and the start/end of the day for all-day appointments

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