Secure password

The fundamentals of secure mailbox access

  • How to create a secure password

  • How to change your password
  • How to recover your password
password security

One password per service

The basis for your account safety

The biggest password mistake that many of us make: we use the same password for different online services, such as shopping platforms or email accounts. Once this one password has been cracked, all services are at risk. But doesn’t our email password require an extra layer of security? After all, we use our email address to reset and change passwords of other online accounts. Once the GMX account password is cracked, the login information of other online portals could be changed as well. Find out how you can keep this from happening below.

GMX tips for a secure password

How to create and change it

Choose a secure password

How do I create a secure password?

To create a secure password use:
  • at least 8 characters
  • both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • numbers
  • special characters, e.g. ‘!’, ‘&’, ‘-’

With strong passwords, you can better protect yourself from fraud or unpleasant situations. They are hard to guess, and not known to anyone except you.

REMEMBER: Do not choose a password that is easy to guess, e.g. personal data such as your initials, your date of birth, or the name of a family member or pet. Nothing that would make it easy for someone to get into your private correspondence without your permission.

Change password

When and how do I change my email password?

If you already have a strong password, there is no need to change it – unless it was subject to a major phishing attack, or GMX explicitly asks you to do so in an info mail. In both cases, immediate action is required.

You can change your password in your GMX email account under ‘My Account’ by first inserting the current password before entering a new one.

You are using the GMX Mail app or other mail programs? Make sure you also apply these changes to the relevant applications.

Forgot your password?

Password recovery

How to recover your email password

Simply go to the password recovery page and follow the instructions on your screen. This process, however, requires your mobile phone number or an alternative contact email address. You will either receive an unlock code or unlock link and will then be able to directly create a new email password.

Update recovery email and password

How to update your email password recovery options

It is very important to keep your mobile phone number and contact email address updated at all times, as they are the only way to recover your password if you forget it.

You can add or change these options by going to ‘Security Options’ in the ‘Home’ tab of your email account.

Passwords in your browser

The quickest way to get into your mailbox

Password in Browser

Access via saved password

Your password is stored in the browser, but is not automatically inserted at login? Read the instructions on where to find your saved password in your browser.


Access via browser add‑on

For fast, secure mailbox access, we recommend the GMX MailCheck. No user data is stored here, but so-called login tokens are generated. Find out more about this handy browser add-on.

Do you suspect that your mailbox has been hacked?