GMX Migration Service

Take emails & more easily with you to GMX

  • Import your contacts and calendar entries

  • Save files to the cloud
  • Automatically forward emails from old accounts
Import emails into the new GMX mailbox

What is the GMX Migration Service?

The migration service provided by GMX allows you to combine all your business and private email accounts into one location, as well as your contacts, files, and appointments. Sign up with GMX and use the feature to get your important information and all emails in one place – even from different providers. Take advantage of this time-saving and stress-free option on many devices including your laptop, tablet, and phone.

Move emails to GMX

Email forwarding with the GMX Mail Collector

It’s far easier to use email forwarding instead of having to constantly log in and out of separate email accounts. The GMX Mail Collector lets you manage multiple email accounts from one place. It will either sort the forwarded emails into separate designated folders, or they will simply appear in your inbox – whichever you prefer.

Tip: How to set up the Mail Collector

Log in & migrate emails

Import Contacts

Importing contacts from all your email accounts

If you’ve created a new GMX account for free, you surely want to have all your personal and work contacts from old email addresses. Regardless whether it’s from a previous GMX account, or even another email provider such as Gmail, find out about importing contacts and complete this easy step to ensure that you have all the right contacts in the right place.

Tip: How to import contacts

Log in & import contacts

Transfer appointments to the Organizer

Transferring your calendar

These days, our online calendars are often the way we stay ahead of all our appointments and vital meetings. Don’t worry about transferring the important dates all over again, as our migration service allows you to move your online calendar over to your new GMX account.
Simply export the appointments in iCalendar format from your old calendar (e.g. Outlook or Google) and import them into your GMX Organizer. That way you will have all the information you need to access with you – anytime, anywhere.

Tip: How to import appointments into the Organizer

Log in & import appointments

Backing up files in the Cloud

Saving files to the cloud

Last but not least, don’t forget about all your documents and photos in the cloud! Switch your cloud provider to the GMX Cloud and discover all the useful benefits like secure servers and tough data protection laws. No need to clog up your hard drive with so many files – you can store them in the cloud instead. Sending separate emails with large attachments is tedious, so share files the easy way via the cloud by giving guest access to selected contacts with password protection.

Tip: How to upload files to the cloud

Log in & upload files