GMX Mail Collector

Merging multiple email accounts

  • Merge accounts and manage all your emails in one place

  • Can also be used on iOS, iPadOS and Android devices
  • Free, secure, and easy to use
Mail Collector

Combine all your email accounts in one place

Migrating multiple email accounts is now so much simpler

Make life far better by transferring all your email accounts to one centralized location. The GMX Mail Collector gives you the opportunity to combine all your accounts – simply and securely. Make checking your various business and private accounts a breeze by only logging in once with Mail Collector.

What exactly is the GMX Mail Collector?

If you've ever wanted to check all your emails in one place without the fuss of logging in and out of separate accounts, now you can! Mail Collector is the easiest way to achieve this, as you can access numerous accounts from one browser window. In today's world, we just want things to be simple and stress-free, so when you have something that collects all your emails in one place then you should take advantage of it. If signing up for a free GMX email address wasn't enough, then the cherry on top is surely the Mail Collector: save yourself some time and effort.

Setting up the Mail Collector feature

One of the best things about organizing email accounts with the Mail Collector is that you can do this regardless of which email provider you've used in the past. If you want to set up Mail Collector, click on the 'Home' tab, then the 'Mail Collector' button on the left-hand side, under 'Access Options'. You're now on your way to having all email accounts in one place for free! From there, enter the details from another personal or business GMX account or even a different email provider. You'll now have a few options to select or deselect:

  • Delete the emails from the other email server you've just entered, once been retrieved by the GMX mailbox
  • Sort the newly retrieved emails into a separate folder, or they will simply appear in your inbox

Once these options are decided and you click 'Save', you will then be able to organize multiple email accounts from the same browser window. Remember, you only have to log in once now – to your GMX account – to access emails from all your private or work-related accounts.

Extra details on how to get all emails in one place

You'll be glad to know that all incoming messages are checked by the spam filter, as every GMX user gets the highest degree of security and SSL encryption. Furthermore, when it comes to managing all your emails from different accounts as efficiently as possible when on the go, make sure to use the GMX Mail app for mobile users. It gives you the chance to check your inbox from anywhere in the world, and from any device.

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