What is malware and antivirus software?

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Email with GMX antivirus

Antivirus software scans your emails and attachments for malware like viruses, spyware, and trojans that can harm your computer and put your personal information at risk. It removes any malware it finds and ensures your emails and data remain secure.


What is malware?

Malware – short for ‘malicious software’ – is an umbrella term for these threats. That is, programs that intend to harm your computer and to profit from doing so. This can take on many forms, from disabling your devices to taking over a device’s operations. Malware can steal or delete your private data, passwords, bank account information, or contact lists. It can even spy on your computer activity, without you ever even realizing it.

Using the internet is an essential part of our lives today. Despite its convenience and everything it helps us do, being online comes along with some risks. In particular, a variety of harmful viruses, spyware, adware, and other threats can hide behind seemingly innocent pages.


Signs your device may be infected with malware

Your device might be infected with malware if:

  • Your device freezes or crashes often. The blue error screen (on Windows) is a common symptom of this.
  • You’ve clicked on an annoying pop-up ad that has promised you a prize or free service of some sort. These pop-ups are mostly adware that, when clicked, will install potentially harmful software without your permission.
  • Your device has slowed down, or you notice your device is struggling to handle even basic functions (you’ll hear your computer’s fans working harder than usual).
  • You notice your browser’s homepage has changed, or new toolbars and plugins have been added without your permission.

Antivirus privacy

How does GMX antivirus for email work?

Email is one of the main ways your devices can get infected with malware, meaning that it’s essential for your email to be equipped with protection against it. Fortunately, GMX Email comes with an anti-malware software. It functions as a free email virus scanner that locates and then removes any malware it comes across. Because it only scans your emails and file attachments, however, you’ll be safe in knowing that your personal data is also respected by GMX’s antivirus email.

Powerful enough for malware removal while still respecting your privacy, GMX’s antivirus for email tool is the most effective way of keeping your email from becoming a source and target of malware. This means that your email and your personal data remain secure.

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