GMX Contacts

Your online address book

  • Easy sorting and filtering of your contacts

  • Synchronize contacts with your mobile devices
  • A centralized location for all your digital contacts
Address book for e-mail contacts

Managing your contacts has never been easier

The GMX Contacts function is an online address book for all your electronic communication needs. Whether using GMX for professional or personal purposes, a comprehensive email address book is the ideal way to maintain an overview of all your digital communication. Organize, synchronize, manage and sort your contacts, all from your intuitive GMX email interface. Gone are the days of collecting contacts, addresses and phone numbers on scrap pieces of paper, now we can turn to online address books as our up-to-date source of important contacts. Taking into consideration that often these email address books become a dumping ground for anyone we have ever exchanged a business card with, the GMX Contacts function features quick and easy adding, deleting and editing of contacts, as well as an effective way of sorting and filtering your online contacts as and how you like. This not only ensures that you always maintain a clear and concise oversight of necessary contacts, but also that the specific person you are looking for is just a mouse click away. Additionally, the online address book is compatible with many different third-party applications and operating systems, allowing advanced cross-compatibility.

Your handy address book

Make use of all the benefits

Simple operation of the GMX address book

Time-saving shortcuts

Writing emails and managing contact data is now easier and faster than ever! Instantly compose an email by choosing the recipient from GMX Contacts. Editing, printing, or grouping contacts is also just one click away.

Set individual view in address book

User-friendly design

The neat and compact appearance of GMX Contacts ensures that you find your way around quickly. Decide for yourself in which view you want your contacts to be displayed.

Contact details are safe in the address book

Contact data security

All contact information in your GMX address book, just like photos in the GMX Cloud, or emails in your mailbox, is stored exclusively in European data centers.

The address book is also available on the go

Mobile usage

Using the GMX Mail app for Android, iOS, or iPadOS, you can synchronize your contacts with your mobile devices and have them on the go. No information leaves the secure environment of GMX.

Effortlessly find what you need with GMX Search

Comprehensive search

Are you looking for the contact information of a client in your online address book and the details of your upcoming meeting in your Organizer at the same time? GMX has the solution: Search. This feature allows you to find anything within your GMX account at the click of a button, no matter where it’s located. The search function operates cross-service, meaning you can look in all areas of your account without having to open each application separately. Simply log in to your GMX account and you will see a ‘Search’ button in the top right corner of your screen, next to ‘Log Out’. Clicking ‘Search’ will open a dialog box where you can type in the name of whatever it is you’re looking for. But the GMX Search function goes further still: thanks to its integrated Google search capability, you can quickly look something up on the web while sifting through your account.


Where is my GMX address book located?

The GMX Contacts function can be found under the 'Contacts' tab on the menu bar at the top of your GMX account. It is located alongside your Email, Organizer and Cloud menu options. From here, you can easily access and manage your email address book.

What features does the online address book provide?

The first and most important feature of your email address book is the ability to add, edit and delete contacts as and when you please. The GMX Contacts function sets no limits on the number of contacts you can add or the amount of times you can edit a contact; this allows you complete freedom and flexibility when it comes to managing your digital contacts. In order to make it easier for your contacts to add you to their email address book, setting up a ‘Business Card’ is advisable. This contains all your important information and can be attached to your emails, enabling the recipients to easily add you to their GMX Contacts.

In order to avoid a confusing and complicated email address book, GMX Contacts features easy-to-navigate filter, sort, search and favorite functions that will help you stay on top of your collection of important contacts. Your GMX Contacts can be filtered into groups, favorites and birthdays, enabling you to see a list of relevant contacts according to your search criteria. There are some predefined groups available (family, friends, and co-workers), but you can also customize your own. This organized filtering and search process allows users to view short and concise contact lists that make it easier to find exactly who it is you are looking for.

How to import / export my address book in GMX Contacts?

GMX Contacts can be synchronized with all contact apps that support the CardDav standard. It is possible to synchronize your contacts from, for example, your iOS or Android phone. With iOS, you simply navigate to your settings and add a CardDAV account. For Android, use the GMX Mail app in order to sync contacts from the 'Settings' menu.

When importing your contacts to your email address book, make sure to do so in one of the following formats:

  • .LDIF (e.g. Thunderbird)
  • VCF (digital business cards)
  • Windows contacts (.CSV)
  • Outlook 02/03/07 (.CSV)
  • Outlook Express (.CSV)
  • Outlook 98/2000 (.CSV)

For detailed instructions on how to import addresses from companies such as Mozilla, Outlook, Windows, and Apple, see their websites. In order to export contacts from GMX, simply select the wrench symbol in the upper right corner and navigate to ‘Export contacts’.

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