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Tablet showing GMX Online Address Book

Online Address Book

Manage your contacts easily with GMX Contacts

GMX Contacts is an online address book designed to simplify your life and give you more time to do what really matters: communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. Whether using GMX for professional or personal purposes, a comprehensive email address book is the ideal way to keep track of contact information for all of the people you need to stay in touch with. The GMX Contacts interface has a simple design, easy-to-use platform and well-thought-out features. It’s easy to add and delete contacts, as well as search, filter, and favorite contacts to your liking. Additionally, the online address book is compatible with a number of different third-party applications and operating systems, allowing you to easily import and export your address book to and from other platforms.

What can GMX Contacts do?

Gone are the days of collecting names, addresses, and phone numbers on scraps of paper. As our daily communication becomes increasingly digital, it’s essential that our address books join the modern era, too. GMX Contacts is an online address book conveniently located within your GMX email account, ready to help you stay on top of all your digital communication. You can organize, synchronize, manage, and sort your contacts all within the intuitive GMX email interface. Of course, it’s easy for an email address book to become a dumping ground for anyone you’ve ever exchanged a business card with. To combat this, GMX Contacts allows you to instantly add, delete, and edit your online contacts as you please. You can also use its search and filter functions to help you find exactly what you need. This ensures that the person you’re looking for is always only a click away!

Where is my GMX address book located?

GMX Contacts is located under the Contacts tab on the menu bar at the top of your GMX account interface. It is located alongside the Email, Organizer, and Cloud menu options. From GMX Contacts, you can easily access and manage your email address book.

GMX Contacts: The main features of your online address book

The most important function of an online address book is adding, editing, and deleting contacts as you please. GMX Contacts allows you to do just this, with no limit on the number of contacts in your email address book, nor on the number of times that you can edit a given contact. This means that you have complete control and flexibility in managing your digital network. To make new connections even easier, you can also set up a Business Card with all of your personal contact details. By attaching a Business Card to your emails, you’re able to share your contact information with just one click, and you enable recipients to easily add you to their own GMX Contacts lists.

To make it faster to find what you need, GMX Contacts features easy-to-navigate filter, sort, search, and favorite functions within your email address book. The filter and search features allow you to view short and concise contact lists, making it simple to find exactly who you’re looking for. The sort feature allows you to organize your GMX contacts by group, favorites, or even birthdays. There are some predefined groups available (family, friends, and coworkers), but you can also add your own custom groups to meet your needs.

How to import and export your address book in GMX Contacts

GMX Contacts can easily synchronize with any contact application that supports the CardDav standard. This means that it’s possible to sync your contacts from both iOS and Android devices. With iOS, simply navigate to your settings app and add a CardDAV account. For Android, use the GMX email app and sync contacts from the settings menu.

When importing contacts to your email address book, make sure to use one of the following formats:

  • .LDIF (e.g. Thunderbird)
  • VCF (digital business cards)
  • Windows contacts (.CSV)
  • Outlook 02/03/07 (.CSV)
  • Outlook Express (.CSV)
  • Outlook 98/2000 (.CSV)

For more detailed instructions on how to import addresses from companies such as Mozilla, Outlook, Windows, and Apple, see their respective websites. To export contacts from GMX, simply select the wrench symbol in the upper right hand corner and navigate to “Export Contacts.”

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