Backup in the Cloud

Online file backup with the GMX Cloud

Backup photos & files with GMX Cloud

  • Never lose your photos or files again

  • Automatic photo backup on your mobile device
  • Top-notch security that meets the highest European standards
Backup in the Cloud

Backup made easy

It can happen more easily than you’d like to think: you lose your smartphone with the photos from your daughter’s graduation, or the USB stick with the important presentation suddenly doesn’t work anymore.

With the GMX Cloud, however, you’ll never have to worry about losing your precious memories or being unprepared for a meeting because of a faulty device. Taking the necessary precautions is easy with the GMX Cloud’s free online file backup and automatic online photo backup functions. Whether you want to back up documents from your PC or photos from your smartphone, the cloud is the perfect place to store everything you really care about.

Privacy & multiple backups

GMX Cloud online file backup security

Secure data centers Secure data centers

Secure data centers

The GMX Cloud data centers meet the highest security standards and are therefore optimally protected against disruptions and failures.

Multiple backups Multiple backups

Multiple backups

Files in the GMX Cloud are stored in parallel on multiple servers. This ensures high data security and constant availability.

European data protection European data protection

European data protection

With the 'Cloud made in Europe' promise, GMX undertakes to comply with the strict European Data Protection Act.

2 ways to back up your files

Using GMX Cloud for online file backup

online access

Access the cloud in your GMX account

Have you already discovered your GMX Cloud? If you use your GMX email account directly from your browser, you will find the cloud in the upper toolbar next to your Contacts and Organizer.

Save important email attachments or upload files directly from your PC. You don’t have to install anything.

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GMX Mail & Cloud Apps

GMX apps – automatic file backup

You can easily use your GMX Cloud via the GMX Mail app. This means that you can access your cloud files, emails and much more at all times.

By setting up the automatic photo and video backup option, the photos and videos on your mobile device will automatically be saved to the cloud. This way your files are protected in case your device is ever damaged or lost.

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