GMX Online Office

GMX Online Office

An on-the-go solution for word processing and more

  • No installation required

  • Completely free of charge
  • User-friendly design
GMX Online Office

Flexible online file editing

Have you ever been on your way to a meeting and noticed a typo in the presentation that you’re about to give? With Online Office you can open, edit and create files on the go so that you never have to show up to work unprepared again. With tools to open and edit documents, create spreadsheets and make online presentations integrated directly into your GMX mailbox, you can get the job done no matter where you are. Best of all, Online Office is completely free and compatible with the web browsers and file types that you already use.

Your office tools

Applications for every purpose

Writing tool

Putting pen to paper was yesterday: Discover different design elements for all your digital documents.

Calculation tool

Calculate, balance and much more: GMX helps you manage your numbers easily.

Presentation tool

Very practical: Create presentations and have them available on the cloud.

Online Office in a nutshell

Your benefits at a glance

Helpful and practical

Additional functions that make your life even easier

Spell checker

Spell check

The automatic spell check tool helps you identify and correct wrong passages in your documents.

file versioning

File repair

Get an overview of all changes applied to your document and simply reset it to its original state if required.

Available Office formats

From .doc to .xls to .ppt and more

Word processing

Word processing

.doc, .docx
Microsoft Word

OpenOffice & LibreOffice Writer

.rtf, .txt

spreadsheet calculation

Spreadsheet calculation

.xls, .xlsx
Microsoft Excel

OpenOffice & LibreOffice Calc



.ppt, .pptx
Microsoft PowerPoint

OpenOffice & LibreOffice Impress

Your feedback matters!

Shaping the future of Online Office

Feedback on Online Office

Want to help us make Online Office even better? This is your chance! As you edit documents with our free word processor, design online presentations or create spreadsheets, think about the features that you like and dislike, and what could use tweaking. We’re also curious to know what additional tools you might like to see in future versions. The sky’s the limit—just let us know!

To share your thoughts, simply click on the 'Feedback' button located in the lower-left corner of the Online Office screen. Your insights will help us improve Online Office, so that future versions are specifically tailored to meet your needs.


Find all the answers you need at a glance

What is the GMX Online Office and what are its benefits?

Online Office is a cloud-based office solution that grants you access to a free word processor, spreadsheets and a presentation maker all within your mailbox. Opening, editing and creating files on the go is a breeze with Online Office. It can be a drag to try out a new word processor. What if it can’t open the files that you need, or makes you waste precious time restarting your computer? With Online Office, no installations or updates are necessary, and nearly every file type is supported. And have we mentioned that it’s completely free?

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