Share files in the Cloud

Free file sharing with GMX Cloud

Easily share images, documents and more with others

  • More reliable and convenient than sending large files via email attachments

  • Easily control how recipients can use your shared files
  • Secure your shared files with a PIN
Share files in the Cloud

Say goodbye to big attachments!

It has happened to almost everyone: You try to share a large file online by sending it as an email attachment, only to be unable to because of overcrowded mailboxes or email provider restrictions. Free online file sharing doesn’t have to be impractical.

With the GMX Cloud, you can easily share your files – whether PDF documents, photos or videos – with others via a share link. It’s up to you to decide whether recipients are allowed to view, download or even add their own files.

Share cloud files directly via the GMX Cloud app now!

Sharing files in the cloud

Advantages at a glance

Share photos online & more

Share folders with others

Extended shares in the GMX Cloud

Share photos and more even faster. Share your folders for editing so recipients of the share link can add their own files. Easily share your experiences and create amazing photo albums in no time.

You can still keep control of your files by assigning a PIN or by setting an expiration date for the link.

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