GMX Cloud

Free cloud storage with GMX

Security and flexibility for your files

  • 2 GB of free storage on the cloud

  • Online Office integration for editing files
  • Save files from your inbox directly to GMX Cloud
GMX Cloud

Mail & cloud storage service in one app

Access your cloud in the GMX Mail app

  • Edit files offline seamlessly
  • Automatic file backup for photos & videos
  • Share photos, videos, music, and much more with friends and family
GMX Cloud App

The essence of the GMX Cloud service

Simply put, GMX Cloud offers you secure and high-quality cloud storage for free. Once you create a GMX account you will be able to use cloud right away, giving you personal cloud storage so you can store your files online – whenever, wherever.

Access files from anywhere

Access your cloud wherever you are, whenever you need, regardless of whether you’re at home on your laptop or out and about using the mobile app.

Share files seamlessly

Benefit from the integrated file sharing functionality in GMX Cloud. You have the freedom to share folders and individual files with your friends and family for them to view or edit.

Secure file backup

Use GMX’s free cloud storage safe in the knowledge that all your data will be secure at all times. We make it easy for you to back up your data, ensuring nothing is lost.

What is cloud storage?

The term ‘cloud’ refers to a network of servers, on which you can store your files online. These cloud servers are interconnected in a way that ensures your files and data remain secure and retrievable, even if there is disruption to the network. You can access your files from a cloud storage service from anywhere, so long as you are connected to the internet.

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What is a ‘cloud’?

A ‘cloud’ is a group of web servers that are connected together for the purpose of file storage and remote file access. For example, this means you can store your photos in the cloud and then access them via the internet from wherever you are, with the device of your choosing.

The interconnectivity of cloud servers protects you against data loss and ensures you can access your files whenever you need them. In the event of disruption to a server, another server in the cloud network can compensate for it.

What are the benefits of the GMX Cloud?

GMX Cloud can be used directly from your account, providing you with everything you would expect from a cloud service – and more. Firstly, you benefit from 2 GB of online storage for free, which is sample space for a large number of files. You can access these files on the cloud from whenever you like and from any device. In addition, you have the flexibility to share them with anyone you like quickly and easily. Our service is also ideal for protecting and backing up your precious photos and documents.

How do I access GMX Cloud?

Cloud comes as a standard feature with your GMX account, giving you cloud storage for free. Simply log in to your account and navigate to 'Cloud' from the main menu. You can also access it from the GMX Mail app or the GMX Cloud app for iOS, iPadOS and Android.

How secure is the cloud?

GMX offers you a truly secure cloud storage service, which you can trust to keep your files and data safe. For example, our cloud servers are operated redundantly, updated regularly, and located in highly secure data centers. In addition, uploads and downloads between your computer or mobile device and our servers are SSL encrypted. This ensures that no unauthorized individual can access or tamper with your files.

How do I share files from the cloud?

First, click 'Share' from the GMX Cloud menu, or simply right-click a file or folder and select 'Share'. This creates an individual share link that you can send to your friends. You can also determine their access rights – e.g. view only or edit. Therefore, if you’re wondering how to share your photos online, GMX Cloud is a great option.

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