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GMX Search

  • Find emails quickly, including in the GMX Mail App

  • Easily find the information you are looking for on the web
  • Save time by searching the internet directly through your Windows taskbar
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Whether you are trying to look for emails in your inbox or search for information on the internet, you want a powerful tool at your disposal. GMX offers several accurate search options depending on the type of information you are looking for and the system you prefer to use.

gmx inbox search

1. GMX Search for your inbox

Find email addresses, files and more

The days of scrolling through your inbox and other folders to find what you need are over. Our highly effective email search tool rapidly scans your account, including your inbox, sent emails, drafts and trash. Just click the magnifying glass icon located in the top-right corner of your account, type in your search term, and click Search to search your entire GMX account.

gmx browser search

2. Using GMX Search to browse the web

Search the web from GMX – from the homepage or your account

Did you know that you can also use GMX Search to look for something on the web? On the GMX homepage, there is a handy search bar right on the top of the page. And once you are logged into your GMX email account, you can click the same magnifying glass icon that you use to search your inbox and type in whatever search term you like, such as news or trending topics. Click the result on our web search feature and you’ll go directly to an integrated search results page for the information you need. What’s more, the search settings are customizable.

gmx mobile app search

3. GMX Search for GMX Mail App

Search for and retrieve e-mails in GMX Mail App

The GMX Mail Apps also include a useful search tool that lets you do a quick email lookup. Search your inbox to find email addresses as well as specific emails, senders and subjects. Simply tap the magnifying glass icon and enter the term you are looking for (e.g. parts of the subject or e-mail address). The search results will appear automatically as you enter your search term. Then you just have to tap on one of the e-mails found to open it.

gmx search for windows

4. GMX Search for Windows

Easy-to-use web search tool

GMX Search for Windows is an easy-to-download search tool located in your taskbar that you can use to search the web directly. No need to open a new browser tab to perform a search – just type your request into the search box and get your results with a single click.

Free download

You can install GMX Search for Windows in three easy steps:

Save the file gmx windows search

Step 1: Save the file

When the dialog window "GMX_Search_Windows" appears, click to confirm you want to save the file.

gmx windows search initiate installation

Step 2: Initiate installation

You can find the installation file by clicking on the download symbol in your browser.

gmx windows search installation

Step 3: Installation

Confirm the installation of GMX Search for Windows and follow the instructions in the installation tool.

Frequently Asked Questions: GMX Search for Windows

Why should I use GMX Search for Windows?

Here are five important reasons:

  1. You can save time on your web searches by searching the internet directly through your Windows taskbar.
  2. You will see fewer advertisements when performing web searches.
  3. None of your browser settings will change, so your web searches will take place in a familiar, comfortable way.
  4. All web searches are encrypted automatically.
  5. You can easily uninstall GMX Search for Windows at any point.