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GMX Search: Saving You Time & Hassle

Effortlessly find whatever you need with the Search function

In the modern world, the sheer amount of information being shared can make it difficult to find what you need within your bulging inbox or calendar. GMX has the solution: Search. This feature allows you to find all manner of files within your GMX account quickly and easily.

What the Search function offers you

Simply put, Search allows you to access anything within your GMX account at the click of a button. No more endless trawling through your Email Storage or Organizer to unearth that document you need – just tap it into the search bar and access it directly. The Search function also operates cross-service, meaning you can look in all areas of your account without having to open each application separately. For example, instead of delving into your Organizer to find the details of an upcoming meeting, you can just use Search directly in the navigation bar. But the GMX Search function goes further still: thanks to its integrated Google search capability, you can quickly look something up while sifting through your account.

Search for emails, files, appointments & much more

GMX Search can help you find all manner of files and documents, no matter where they’re located in your account. Whether you’re searching for a picture in your Cloud, an email attachment, the contact information of a client, or whatever it might be – the Search function will seamlessly take you right where you need to go. To make this process even more convenient, your search results are displayed in a categorized list according to the sections of your account:

This way, you can quickly identify the correct result – especially handy if you have files, emails and appointments with similar names, all saved in different locations.

Getting to grips with the Search function is easy as pie. Simply log in to your GMX account and you will see a ‘Search’ button in the top right corner of your screen, next to ‘Log Out’. Clicking ‘Search’ will open a dialog box where you can type in the name of whatever it is you’re looking for. For example, if you’re searching for an email from a friend or colleague, you could try typing in their name, the subject line, or a keyword used in the email thread. To help you find it as quickly as possible, the results will be displayed in a categorized list, as described above, and the Search function even gives suggestions. If that’s not enough, you can now search in Google directly from this feature!

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