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GMX Cloud App

Benefits: Store files online with the app

Share files

Share files with ease

Use GMX Cloud as a free file sharing app, allowing you to share photos and other files with friends in no time at all.

Automatic photo upload

Store photos and videos online automatically

Set and forget! Allow the app to store photos and videos in the cloud for you, and never worry about missing a magical moment again.

Cloud Security

Protect your data

GMX Cloud keeps your files and folders safely in our high-security data centers, for ultimate peace of mind.

GMX Cloud for your mobile

Free cloud storage no matter where you are

What is the GMX Cloud app?

GMX Cloud offers you online file storage for free and, with the app for Android and iOS devices, you can access it directly from your mobile. This means you can store your most important and treasured files in personal cloud storage, and access them on your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are. All you need is an internet connection!

Store files in the cloud safely

No matter what kind of files you store online – be it photos, music, PowerPoint presentations, or otherwise – rest assured they are in safe hands with us. When you upload files to GMX Cloud, including via the app, they are stored exclusively in our high-security data centers. Plus, the data transfer between our servers and your phone or tablet is encrypted, offering you further security.


Is the Cloud app available for different operating systems?

Yes, the app is available for both Android devices and iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. You can also access your file storage via a web browser on your PC, regardless of the operating system it runs on.

Where can I download the Cloud app?

You can download the GMX Cloud app for free right here on this page. Alternatively, you can find it in the Google Play Store and on the App Store

How does the app store photos and videos in the cloud automatically?

Automatic photo and video upload is a great feature that allows you to store your photos and videos online for free, and with minimal fuss. Simply enable automatic photo and video upload in the app settings and it will save the camera photos and videos on your smartphone to the GMX Cloud. No need to manage it manually – just set and forget. You can also avoid eating up too much mobile data by setting the synchronization settings to Wi-Fi only. The photo and video upload automatically synchronizes photos and videos the first time you start the app, and then continues as and when you take more of them. They can be accessed in your file storage through the GMX Cloud.

Automatic photo and video upload isn’t working. What can I do?

First, double-check the automatic photo and video upload is activated in the app settings, just to make sure. Provided the automatic upload is activated, your photos and videos will start synchronizing to your personal cloud storage whenever you use the app. If your photos or videos aren’t uploading, the most likely reason is that you haven’t opened the GMX Cloud app in a while; as soon as you start using it, your photos and videos will synchronize. Note: You can also activate the automatic upload feature in the GMX Mail app.

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