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The first steps with GMX

Your brand new mailbox

Discover how to easily customize your own settings, design, and email preferences to get a personalized mailbox experience.

Set up mailbox

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Step One

Changing the design and view

Step Two

Organizing and managing your emails

Order in your inbox

To the left of your inbox, you’ll see all your folders and the new emails you’ve received. You can create new folders with just one click, as well as edit existing folders, for example, if you want to change the storage time. Look in your ‘Settings’ for a complete summary of the storage space used in your folders and overall inbox.

How it works

Second email address
Email alias

If you require an additional email address (if your name has changed, business account, etc.), it’s simple to create a new free email alias in your GMX mailbox. Regardless of which email address is used by your contacts, new emails will still end up in your inbox. You can use filter rules to automatically sort emails into different folders.

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Step Three

Migrate important contacts and emails and securely access your mailbox

Migrate your Email, Cloud & Co.
Migrating your emails and much more

If you’ve moved from another email provider to GMX, you can still migrate vital emails, contacts, files, and calendar appointments. Move everything to your new GMX mailbox.

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secure access
Secure access to your mailbox

Since passwords can be lost or forgotten, a great tip is to use your phone number as a recovery option. This means you can easily reset your password if necessary.

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Encrypt your emails
Email encryption

To make your emails even more secure, you can encrypt the contents of confidential messages. Doing so is free and simple to set up.

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