Email filter rules: Keep things orderly

Learn how to sort emails automatically

  • Clean your inbox automatically

  • Effortless email management
  • Use templates or create own filter rules
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Learn how to sort emails automatically

If you're a busy person with little time to spare, or even just someone who hates having to manually sort through their own webmail inbox, then the GMX email filter rules are perfect for you! This feature can automatically place emails into specific folders or actually delete unwanted spam emails before you have to read them. Activate our template options or even create filter rules of your own to suit your specific needs.

How email filter rules can benefit you

Let's face it, our inboxes can quickly become cluttered and unruly no matter how hard we try to keep things tidy. Whether you want to move emails from your Contacts list into certain folders or avoid having to sift through spam, there is a simple method to clean up your email inbox. GMX has created a way for our users to organize their inboxes based on the sender and even the subject of the emails. This means that once you create rules to filter your emails or make use of our template filters, current messages and incoming emails will get ordered exactly how you want them to be – easy and simple!

Where to find the email filter rules feature

Once you decide that this is a feature you'd like to make use of, just click on 'Email Settings' on the left-hand side of the column when in the 'Home' tab. Next, click on 'Filter Rules' on the left-hand side of the column, just under 'Folder'. Here, you'll be able to sort emails automatically and make your life far easier in the process! If you would like assistance on making your own filters or adjusting the template options, then more information on GMX email filter rules can be found in our Help Center.

Handy filter templates

Luckily for you, GMX has already created several frequently used email filter rules, which include:

  • Move emails from a specific sender
  • Move emails with a specific subject
  • Forward emails to another email account
With these filters, you can move emails from a contact directly into a new folder, so that your main inbox remains neat and tidy. For example, emails from your mother could go directly into a folder named 'Family' and emails from your business partner could go into 'Work.' This makes a clear distinction between personal and professional emails.

Another great way to clean up your inbox is to direct emails containing specific words into certain folders. This might be helpful for a small business looking for an intern, as you could make sure that any email containing the words 'intern' or 'internship' would be directed straight into a folder titled 'Intern applications.' All these email and spam filter rules ensure that important messages don't get lost in a messy inbox!

How to create rules to filter your emails

Of course, if you find that these template options aren't quite what you're looking for, then it's possible to create your own custom email filter rules. If you wanted to separate certain emails into a folder based on high email priority, then you could do the following:

  • Click 'Create personal Filter Rules' button on the 'Filter Rules' page in your ‘E-mail Settings’
  • In the 'Sender' column, click 'E-mail priority' and then switch the last column to 'high'
  • Under 'Execute the following task(s)', click on the 'Inbox' column and then 'New folder'
  • Name the new folder 'High email priority' and then save everything by clicking on the 'Create Filter Rule' button.

When you know that certain emails will be moved into particular folders, it's simply a great way to clean up your email inbox and ensure that you're not constantly scrolling through your mailbox to find what you need. These filters can be activated or deactivated at any time and can be as complex or simple as you like. Furthermore, although GMX does already have a powerful spam filter, you can also use this function to create spam filter rules to give you even more control over your mailbox.

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