Synchronizing Devices

Synchronize files with GMX Cloud

What the GMX Cloud has to offer

  • Upload any file you want

  • Share files with your contacts
  • 2 GB of free online storage on the cloud
Synchronizing Devices

Access documents online anywhere

A cloud refers to servers that can be accessed over the Internet as well as the software and databases that run on those servers. These cloud servers are located the world over in different data centers, which saves businesses from having to run software applications on their own computers. The advantage of this is that information is available to you anywhere you go and anytime you need it. This is perfect for anyone who is never far from their smartphone!

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Simple way to get synchronized files

online access

Online access

Users can back up their photos, videos, music, and documents in a safe place and access these whenever it’s needed. E.g. when working from home, on the train, or on an international business trip.

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Android & iOS Apps

Android, iOS and
iPadOS apps

Whether on your smartphone, PC, or tablet; just synchronize your photos and videos one time and as long as you have an Internet connection. Download the free GMX Cloud app for iOS, iPad OS or even for Android to get easier access wherever you are.

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No more storage problems with GMX Cloud

GMX Cloud app

Getting to know the GMX Cloud

All you have to do to synchronize files is to set all your photos and videos to automatically sync from your device to your GMX Cloud storage account. There’s nothing more to it!

If you opt for the GMX Cloud, you won’t have to worry about data loss if your PC breaks down or your cell phone gets stolen because as long as you have synchronized your files and stored them in the cloud, it means they’re backed up. You can continue to access those photos from your vacation even though the phone you used to take them is gone.

The GMX Cloud is your personal cloud storage solution, so when you realize your device is reaching its memory limit, simply store photos or files online: full memory cards are a thing of the past.

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