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All in one - gather all your different email accounts here.

Easy access

Access your different inboxes with just one click.

Email alarm

Let an icon or a ringtone notify you when a new email is in.

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MailCheck informs you of any incoming mails while you surf the net

It’s annoying to have to keep checking your email inbox to see if anything important has come through. If only there were a way to get email notifications automatically while you browse the net. This is where MailCheck comes in. Emails often need replying to as efficiently as possible, therefore GMX decided to create the best solution for those who need convenience: resulting in MailCheck being conceived.

This is a free downloadable add-on that lets you know when you’ve received an email. Anytime you get a mail, a notification will pop up in the toolbar window. MailCheck scans for new emails at regular intervals, keeping you as up-to-date as possible.

Instant access to multiple email accounts with MailCheck

MailCheck doesn’t just give you direct access to your GMX email account right from your browser, but also to any other email accounts you might have. If you don’t want a particular email address connected anymore, just remove it – it’s that simple. Once you’ve downloaded MailCheck, an envelope icon will appear in your browser. Clicking on it allows you to access your inbox directly, as long as you have logged in at least once before. This saves you the whole rigmarole of trying to remember your login details each time you want to check your emails. The instant access makes it super easy and quick, perfect for those with hectic work schedules.

Your MailCheck: Customize it just the way you want it

You can stick with GMX’s recommended default settings or change the feature to your liking. If you aren’t a fan of pop-up messages notifying you of incoming emails, you can simply disable these notifications. The same goes for the notification sounds.

Another great advantage of MailCheck is the fact that you can connect multiple email addresses. This means that if you have personal and business accounts, your browser will show you a list of emails and notifications you’ve received from all these connected accounts. This way you won’t miss out on any important mails.

More advantages of MailCheck:

  • Instant access to email accounts with a simple click on the envelope icon
  • Any unread messages will be displayed in the browser toolbar
  • Works for multiple email accounts
  • MailCheck is free and can be customized to your liking
  • ‘New mail‘ pop-up appears in the toolbar

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