Alias email addresses

Use multiple email addresses from one GMX mailbox

  • Up to 10 different sender addresses

  • All in one single mailbox
  • Various email domains available
Alias address

Whether you own a business with several projects, offer multiple different freelance services, or have various personal creative projects, creating email aliases allows you the luxury of coordinating mail coming in from multiple channels in one central mailbox. GMX offers the option of not only creating multiple inbound alias addresses but also using them as alternative sender addresses.

What is an alias email address?

There are many personal and professional scenarios in which you might want to receive inbound email through various different addresses, or would rather not display your main sender address in outbound email communications. In these cases, it can be extremely useful to have a number of email address aliases, which offer an alternative to using your main email address but are part of the same inbox. Instead of managing multiple email accounts and/or inboxes, it is a lot cheaper and more efficient to choose one email account that can accommodate all of your email alias needs, such as GMX.

Your GMX account comes with the option of creating and using up to 10 different sender addresses, even allowing you to select other email domains for your alias addresses as well. For instance, if your primary email address is, you can make an alias with a different email prefix, such as or However, you also have the option of switching the email domain for another one of GMX’s available options – such as,, or – to target specific geographic regions and leave a more local or global impression. Alias email addresses, therefore, allow you to present yourself through multiple channels to the public, while only having to deal with one inbox on the backend.

Reasons to use alias addresses

So why use email aliases at all? There might be several reasons why you wish to create a new email address. You might simply want to remain anonymous in certain email exchanges, but often a new email address is motivated by a wish to provide clear communication and come across as professional or well-organized. An unambiguous and reliable sounding email address can instill trust in potential clients, customers, or volunteers – you name it!

Instead of creating yet another email account with a separate inbox (and invoice), opting for an alias email address is an elegant solution. At GMX you can use 10 different sender addresses at a time from one mailbox. This saves you the hassle of creating a new account each time you wish to have another email address, not to mention having to remember all those different passwords. You can access your GMX account by signing in with any of your email aliases, each of which works in combination with your account password.

Although it is not possible to change an existing email address – alias or default – you can at any time create a new alias email address to use in preference over another. If you intend to delete a much-used address, you might want to consider keeping it on for a while, until you are certain that all of your contacts have started using the new email alias exclusively.

How to create an alias email address

It only takes a few simple steps to create an email alias in your GMX account. Follow the instructions below and you are ready for business:

  • When on your computer, sign in to your GMX account.
  • Go to 'Settings' > 'Alias Addresses'.
  • Enter your desired username, choose the email domain you prefer, and click 'Create alias address'.
  • If you want to use this alias address as default, hover with your cursor over th address in question under 'Created E-mail Addresses' and click on the wrench icon.
  • Set your alias address as default and click 'OK'.

What else should you know about email aliases?

As mentioned above, if you want to change an existing email address, you can only do so by creating the new one as an email alias and subsequently deleting the old one. Before you delete the unwanted alias email address, make absolutely sure that you indeed wish to get rid of it and that there are no longer any emails coming in through that address. After all, once you delete an email address, it will remain blocked and unusable for at least one year.

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