Send big files with GMX

Send large files via email up to 50 MB

  • Up to 50 MB attachments in one mail

  • Spam and malware filter for attachments
  • View, edit and save attachments in your mailbox
Email attachments

GMX email attachments

With GMX, you are able to send big files of up to 50 MB for free, simply and instantly over email. This means that you will have no trouble sending high-resolution images or audio files to friends, family or clients. What’s more, unlike other email providers who often cap attachment sizes at 25 MB, you can send these big files for free all as part of your GMX account.

Send large files as 50 MB attachments

As part of modern daily life, it is common that you will be asked to receive or send large files. Digitally signing contracts, sending off presentations, or simply sharing your holiday snaps with friends and family overseas all require using a sizeable amount of email attachment storage. However, many email providers restrict your file size limit to just 25 MB, which makes day-to-day use problematic; not GMX, though. With an incredible 50 MB attachment allowance, you can send big files by email without any problem. Attach (approximately) four photographer-quality images or up to 15 CD-quality songs and send them out with a click of a button – no need to compress the files yourself, and don't forget that this is completely cost-free.

Receiving attachments: save, open or view

With GMX, you can enjoy both sending and receiving large documents and files without having to worry about attachment size limits or unzipping compressed files. When receiving attachments in your mail, there are just a few things to be aware of. To open an attached file, you simply need to double click on the icon that will be displayed underneath the email subject line. Be aware that attachments can contain viruses and should therefore only be opened if the sender is known and trusted.

Depending upon the attachment file type, the way you view its contents will differ. Text documents, spreadsheets and presentations will open automatically in your Online Office space, while images, photos and PDFs can be viewed within your GMX mailbox. What’s more, you can save the file to your computer’s hard drive or to your GMX Cloud to ensure it’s always backed up.

How to send big files by email

Once you have created your GMX address you can get started sending big files by email straight away. Creating your email attachment is easy: once you have opened your new email template and entered the recipient, header and message you would like to send, simply navigate your mouse to the bottom left-hand corner and select 'Add Attachments'. You will be given two options: add files from your computer hard drive or your GMX Cloud.

With GMX, you can both receive and send the following file formats (plus plenty more!):

  • Video files
  • Image files
  • Audio files
  • eBooks

Although GMX’s 50 MB attachment limit allows you to send big files easily without compression, if you have multiple different large items to send, then it can prove quick and simple to send them all in one compressed ZIP folder. In the rare event that your attachment exceeds 50 MB, you can still upload your file to the GMX Cloud and share the link with anyone you want.

Automatic attachment spam filters

In order to ensure the utmost levels of security for your GMX email account, all incoming and outgoing mails are subject to an automatic virus check. Any file or mail that fails this level of authentication will be quarantined in your Spam folder. You are able to manually override the antivirus protection measures at any time by simply checking the Spam folder and marking emails or contacts as trusted. With these fully automated checks for your safety in place, you are able to continue using your account and sending big files via email without any concern for malware attachments or security breaches.

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