GMX mail storage solution

Lots of email storage space

  • Up to 65 GB worth of emails

  • Custom settings to manage your email storage
  • Smart tools to free up storage space easily
Email Storage

Store the emails you want. Get rid of the rest.

Is there an email storage limit with GMX?

Do you ever feel like you need more space in your inbox but aren’t sure how to get it? GMX’s mail storage solutions are smart, secure, and can help you free up space quickly and easily. With GMX, you can store up to 65 GB worth of emails. To put that into perspective, that’s around 500,000 emails! However, if you’ve had an email account for several years now, you might also feel like the time has come to start tidying up your inbox and delete emails you don’t want anymore.

Even if you’re nowhere near to using up the 65 GB of email storage, it’s still a good idea to use the tools provided by GMX to begin filtering your emails by sender, date, subject, and content. With our Mail Collector feature, for example, you can begin organizing inboxes from multiple email accounts and transfer emails from one account to another.

Checking your current email space

It’s easy to check how much mail storage space you currently have available in your account by following these steps:

  • Log in to your GMX account as usual.
  • Click 'Email Settings' on the left sidebar menu. Next, keep to the left sidebar and select 'Folder Overview' under the 'Folder' heading.
  • On this page, you’ll find the amount of email storage currently used by your account. You can also see how many emails are stored in individual folders like your Inbox, Trash, Spam, Sent, and Drafts.

Different options for freeing up email storage space

GMX allows you to tidy up your emails with a variety of tools and features. These tools let you stay on top of your email storage with custom settings and ways to automatically filter and then remove emails you don’t want.

You can begin to make space for new emails with useful mail storage solutions. Click the 'Email' tab on the top menu and you’ll find the individual email folders on the left sidebar. If you click the wrench icon on each one separately, you’ll be given a prompt as to whether you’d like to remove all the emails from that folder by selecting 'Empty Folder'.

You can also choose how long the storage time limits should be (unlimited is the default option on everything except the Spam folder) and how many emails to display per page. Emptying the 'Trash' folder will delete emails permanently and you can check the amount of email storage space you’re using again to see how much space you’ve made available. It’s worth noting that our powerful spam filter will move unwanted emails to the Spam folder and store them there for a maximum of 30 days, after which time they will be deleted for good.

Furthermore, consider using the GMX filter rules, which allow you to create custom rules and folders for all incoming emails. Save mail storage space with these tips:

  • Use filter rules so that emails from unwanted senders are instantly sent to either the Spam or the Trash folder.
  • A simple way to clear up email space is to get into the habit of deleting unwanted emails as soon as they arrive.
  • Keep your Trash folder tidy by adjusting the storage time from unlimited to 30 days. This will prevent emails from building up.

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