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GMX email app for iPad

iPad Email App

The GMX email app for iPad

If you’ve ever wanted an uncomplicated way to stay connected, then using the GMX email app for iPad is your solution. No matter where you are, accessing your emails from your iPad is simple with our amazing features. Visit the iTunes App Store to download the free app.

A quick and easy way to organize your inbox

The GMX email app for the iPad not only focuses on speed and security, but also making the email experience as convenient as possible. Even better, our mail app for iPad can synchronize with other iOS devices like the Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPod touch. Be sure to never miss an important email by downloading the iPad email app and discover a great way to manage your emails.

All that you need for email in a single location

It can be tiresome and difficult to constantly switch between different devices and platforms simply to check emails, that’s why our email app for iPad is so useful. Saving time and effort is easy with GMX and it’s possible to collate emails from other email accounts into one central GMX account.

  • Mail Collector feature can redirect emails to your desired GMX account.
  • Fantastic customization options when using the iPad email app.
  • Always keep track of important information with push notifications.
  • Sync your account to other iOS devices (Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod touch) and remove the need to constantly switch back and forth.

Furthermore, our mail app for iPad contains cutting-edge security features such as PIN access, meaning that all your data is kept safe and private.

Discover the features of the iPad email app

Put simply, GMX has one of the best email apps for the iPad. You’ll be able to use all the features of our webmail version, but all streamlined into an easy-to-use and well-designed app. If you’re after a great mail app for the iPad, then consider ours for the following reasons:

  • 100% free.
  • Access important emails on the go.
  • Use the Mail Collector feature to combine all of your email accounts.
  • PIN access is one of many outstanding security features.
  • Easy installation and hassle-free setup.

Other than those features, GMX’s email app for iPad is full of useful customization options – tailor the app how you want it to look. With the opportunity to change color schemes and background images, using email for the iPad has never looked better. With the app’s intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily change things like email signature, display name, and sender address. At GMX, we want you to get the most out of your email experience when using the iPad email app.

Adjusting your management and access settings

Changing the way your account looks is only the beginning when using the email app for iPad – there are many settings you can modify at any time to suit your needs.

  • Make use of push notifications so that you can instantly see when you’ve received an email. This results in improved battery life for your iPad and simply more convenience, as you’ll receive notifications on your screen without having to keep the iPad email app constantly open.
  • It’s also possible to adjust the preview lines (2-5) when you receive a push notification. This sort of flexibility can be tailored depending on your screen size, as you may wish to take advantage of your iPad’s larger screen.
  • Keep track of your cloud storage usage when you’re using our mail app for iPad. In the ‘settings menu’, see up-to-date readings to make sure you don’t exceed your 2GB storage limit.
  • The chance to enable the option for automatic backup of your images and other files. This means you can store pictures you may take with your iPad all within the cloud. All settings on the GMX iPad email app can be adjusted at any time

Creating and deleting email storage folders is a breeze with the mail app for iPad, and with our synchronization options, you only have to do this once on any device.

Begin using the GMX email app for iPad

Set up the email iPad app to start enjoying the great features right away:

  • Visit the official iTunes App Store to download the app.
  • Click the download link, enter any necessary information, and follow further instructions.
  • The GMX mail app for iPad is totally free, but ensure you’re running iOS 8.0 or later on your devices.

For non-iOS users, it’s also possible to download the free Android email app on the Google Play store. And finally, if you have any questions or queries regarding the use of the GMX iPad email app, or any other of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team by clicking the ‘support’ tab on the app.

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